Last Day Video

you should not have any problems upgrading
but in case you do make a back up of the wdisplay32.exe installer first

Ok…will see tommorrow…

you can check yourself if all is working by going to :

(a few hours after your start/create time)

and as brian mentioned…Upgrading shouldnt be a problem, and is probabbly a good idea. I am using version 10.37e build 15

get some rest, …Take care, Chris

Okay - thanks Brian and Chris.

One question: will the video still work if your cam misses some captures due to a break in internet connection? I mentioned this before but we do get plenty of power cuts here :frowning:

just means you will get a jump in the sequence

Hello again,

I see you also have a weatherbonk link on your page and not sure if you also use wunderground, but they too both have places you can add a webcam image. weatherbonk is easy to do, but to add to the wunderground site is a bit more tricky, as you need to upload the webcamimage.jpg to their server. for now just get the basic video’s going correctly, and if you also need help and want to add your webcam image to weatherbonk or wunderground we can set that up later on.

mine are located here if you want to see what it looks like:

weatherbonk webcam link (image is updated every 5 minutes):[41.32320110223851%2C42.21224516288584%2C-71.59515380859375%2C-69.86480712890625]%3A9

(located on Map, Clickable image next to “Wareham”)

wunderground webcam link (Image is uploaded every 15 minutes):

on right column choose State: “Massachusetts”, and then look for “West Wareham” Cam Image
(it has Link’s provided to my actual website, and also to my wunderground data page on my wunderground webcam page)


Brian - The swf flash movies seem nicer as they are incorporated nicely into your webpage. With the way I intend to set it up (as Chris), would you just tick the appropriate create and upload all day boxes within the .swf section on the right hand side of the screen? And if so, must you retain the other .wmv bits as well or can they be unchecked if you are going to use flash?

Chris - weatherbonk may be an option but I’m not sure I want to just yet. I did try Weather Underground before and I found all the various uploads to them, Wd and WDL etc were getting on my nerves :smiley: It was every 5 secs for WDL, every 10 minutes on WD and more so on the top and half past the hour, then the 1 minute cam uploads and hopefully, the all day video at 23 past the hour. Sometimes everything would freeze just for a split second or two if I was working on some documents for example. But when this computer will be used exclusively for my weather stuff, then I will consider both of those options again.

I never tried the swf flash movies…brian will have to answer this

Hi Chris, seeing as it was my site that you were looking at…the reason I have 10 mins video is because it is uploaded every 10 mins and therefore far more current for observation by users(clearing sea Haar/fog etc). The last hr video could be as much as an hour old before it is replaced by the next upload…I use the allday video (uploaded hourly) so that local oil rig workers can see what the wx is like back home when they have an opportunity to view…I have had requests by various orgs/folk to keep the videos setup on my site “as is”…

I tried but failed again #-o No files seemed to be created. And then my pc went wonky.
Still with the old version as I have been at work all day but I’m sure the allday video worked with the older versions too and so that can’t be the reason. (10.36y)

Brian - I like the flash video best - like you have on your site. Do I just tick the create and upload boxes in the flash section? Would I still need to tick elsewhere? Can you post a screenshot?

I have nothing set up other than the wdwebcamcapture with 2 images “webcamimage.gif and .jpg” being created.

you need to be using the latest version before we can get you moving forward

I was about to upgrade to the latest version but I have just read the bug thread and a particular thread regarding the wdwebcamcapture.

The system tray saga may not affect me but another poster said about WD slowing down - something to do with 100% of cpu being used.

Is it safe to upgrade :wink:

i do not have those problems myself
if you dont want to upgrade then thats your choice

No problems with build 11 here.

Well the upgrade went well for me :smiley: However, I am using an old wdftp for the webcam (from December when Pink Panther sent it to me by email :D) as the new one never worked for me. I’m told it’s a firewall issue but I have tried it without a firewall but to no avail. But it doesn’t matter as the older one works fine.

So… now back to this video lark. Been toying about this for some time but I never seem to get anyway :lol:

BTW, what is the animated gifs? Will this achieve a similar result? As you can see, I don’t know much and so any help with the absolute EASIEST set up would be appreciated.

Chris - thanks for the help yesterday but it didn’t work for me. Maybe it was the older version I was using. I don’t know the technical word but my browser and desktop went into whatever it’s called mode (my entire screen went black with some jargon type text at the top :oops: :lol: :crazy:

All I have now is the simple wdwebcamcapture set up with a new image every minute.

Hi Mike,

It’s a bit late for me tonight, but I could help tomorrow if you wish. My setup seems to work well, although I do not use gif at all for the webcam images, as jpg gives better results etc. As I said before most of my settings are on recent threads so I can point these out to you if needs be…

I’m running ver 7 of webcamcapture. exe and 1037f build 10 with no probs… :smiley: :smiley:

are you using norton at all nordic snowman?
(re the more recent ftpupd.exe versions not working for you)

That would be appreciated. I have just downloaded the latest install and so any screenshots tomorrow (or pointers to your recent threads) would be cool. Cheers! BTW, I just checked out your videos and they are great!! That’s exactly what I want. The idea of a flash video is also good but one step at a time I guess!!

I just use my webcamimage.jpg for my cam image.

Brian - I only use AVG (and spybot/ad-aware).

I’ve been playing with the Flash video today and it’s worked fine for me.
As long as you’re getting the timestamped files in your ‘alldayvideo’ folder then it should work.
As I was just playing, all I did was ticked the ‘create last day’ button on the list for the Flash movies and waited. It created it with the next update and saved it in the ‘alldayvideo’ file.
You can see the results in the page I was building today:

I had a shift round this week and moved all the weather side of my site into it’s own directory, easier to find, but I forgot to name one of the pages as the ‘index’ so I decided to build a new page. Not quite happy with it yet but the idea is there. :wink:

working great checking your site budgie
the good thing is it starts showing straigt away
and also you can imbed it in WDL via a webcam button :slight_smile:

Hello Nordicsnowman,

since you have now upgraded to the newest version of WD, I dont understand why you dont just upate to the newest version of the FTP also. everytime I update my WD, I download the main install and overwrite everything. before running the main download update I always shut down WD/WEBCAM CAPTURE & the Real Time clientraw (Yellow Square Icon near clock)…then run the installer overwritting everything. I have never had any problems . Then afterwards start up WD again.

you asked for my setting and I supplied them for you, but then you decided to inquire what the other buttons were for and how to do the flash, mine is only set for the regular all day video’s.

I just try to keep my site simple for new visitor’s or repeat/regular vistor’s.

if you want to get at least the wmv files being created, and have you have followed my all day setup screen tick boxes from a few post’s back…and are using the newest version of WD & FTP…It should work fine.

so anyways…hopefully you can get it working and make a nice addition to your site. I never used the flash/embedded yet, so I may not be of much more help on that, but other member’s have now also starting helping you out here and before long you will get it working with everyone’s help.

as far as you using AVG/SPYBOT/ADAWARE…Very Smart Choice’s

I myself use all of these:

ADVANCEDWINDOWSCARE V2 PERSONAL (I am using the free version before they now make users pay for this program)

Well good luck and hopefully You get it all straighten out soon…Chris