Last day of month missing in averages/extremes/reports - detailed climate report

After months of faultless operation, at the end of August 2008 the detailed climate report has decided to miss off the 31st.

The computer was running fine with no interruptions and nothing else so far as I am aware was different.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


What version and build are your running? Is your August log data OK and do you have data for the 31st? If the log is OK try doing a convert of the August log file to a data file and then try to recreate this file and see if it’s OK.


“try doing a convert of the August log file to a data file and then try to recreate this file”

How please?

Go Action / Convert logfiles to Graphs then select 82008lg.txt and hit convert. Then try the recreate…



I have got a similar problem with the august report. Days 30 and 31 are missing in it. I checked the log file but everything looks perfect, both days had been recorded flawlessly. I also tried to recreate the data files as explained above, but the problem still persists. I attached an excerpt of the report.

I also upgraded to the latest version 10.37L B07.


I’m running 10.37L Build 07. I have already tried Action>convert etc for 82008lg.txt, to no avail.

the data is there in the log file though, so really strange.

Any more thoughts…

I’ve had the same problem. I emailed Brian to see if there is a problem with the code reading the 31 day months…

Gonna keep an eye on it after midnight today when the update is done, so far I’ve got all 4 days in September correctly entered in the Climate Data.
See here:

I’ve upgraded WD to build 7 today, so maybe that will affect this? Hope not…

Best Regards,

I do not have this problem myself
but, for those affected, .zip and email me your logfile, 82008lg.txt
and if midnight or 9am reset time

Brian, I fixed my August logfile and now have 31 days. But I still have a problem with July and I sent you those files already…same thing, no day 31 showing…but with July it doesn’t show when viewing the avg/ext for July either…

I have emailed you the file and I am a midnight reset.



Dan, I will try and dig out your email of the logfile
(problem is, I get alot of emails)

FYI, no problems here after the midnight reset. :smiley:

Best Regards,

No luck here with the midnight reset, still got 31st August missing, no matter what I do!!

Still need help!!


you need to .zip and email me your logfile, 82008lg.txt
(but note that I am only sporadicly available to check emails next 24 hours or so)

Must be a very intermittent issue…31st August is reflected fine and dandy on my file…with no intervention from me.

I use a midnight reset.



Email me your log file and I will take a look at it…I had to fix my file as well. Zip your 82008lg.txt file. Also, just in case you didn’t know, you have to convert the file (under action menu) before WD will “see” the changes…

Hi Dan,

could you please tell me what changes you did to your logfile in order to fix the problem? Currently August 30 & 31 are missing in the climate report.

Thanks a lot

The key items to look for are the 23:58; 23:59; 00:00; 00:01 sequence of lines, (assuming you have midnight day change). If any of them are missing then carefully copy one line and paste it however many times and change the time on the line to match the proper sequence. The data will not be record breaking numbers or even highs and lows for the day so it really does not matter that the field values are the same for two or three minutes. Look for the end of the 29th, start of 30th and end 30th, start of 31st, and also the end of the 31st.

Also, check the looks of the lines are the same, sometimes with the minutes, you can get 09; next line 010; … 11; i’m not sure if that upstes WD or not. But make sure there is a std sequence of numbers in the columns especially around those times at midnight.

If you upload your log files to a webs server you can use my checklogs.php to validate much of what is in the files in terms of field alignment etc. Actually I just tested it again and it does check for missing records around midnight, my brain is going these days I’ surprised I can remember my own name sometimes!