Last 31 days Data not being loaded from WMR200


I have an on going problem with my setup, I’ve tried all sorts of remidies suggested here abouts in the forums but I am getting very confused.

The problem is with missing data in my Clientrawdaily.txt file, it does not seem to contain the correct data and WDL only shows a few days data on the 31 and 7 day graphs.

The amount of data / days shown varies, for ages it showed 10 days ( from the right end of the graph) then it gradually went up to 18 days but now it has gone down to 4 days.

I have also noted that the Month to Date graph in WD is showing December 2009 data.

So the big question is what areas should I look in, what data files to check on TNT and what settings should I be using on both my WMR200 USB station and in WD itself.

Thanks in advance… Colin

Do you run your computer/WD 24/7?

No I dont, I had assumed, rightly or wrongly, that as the WMR200 was a data logger and when WD starts it downloads a load of data that would not affect what data is shown in the graphs.

That’s how it should work, but there are a number of things that can get in the way.

A good starting point might be to take a look through the WMR200 data logging problems FAQ at

Thanks for the answer.

I’ve checked all the possible points raised in the post and I found no problems.

Just to proove how odd the problem is my graphs in WDL have gone from showing 4 days to showing 27 days, this was over night.

I have attached my wmr200history.txt file for perusel. (50.1 KB)

I think you have the same problem that I have.
Follow this post here: [b][color=blue]WD is corrupting data from WMR200 data logger[/color][/b]

I’ve looked at you post and it does look like a similar problem.

I’ve added another plea to Brian to have a look and see if he can sort it out.

Nobody got any ideas.

This is getting stupid, up till the end of Feb the no of days showing stayed around 25, now it is only showing -31 to -29.

Come on please help me sort this out.

Sorry I can’t help any more, but I haven’t used the WMR200 data logger as a feed for WD for nearly 2 years now so I’ve no experience with the WMR200 and recent releases of WD.

The thread Meerkat mentioned is a good place to find current users.