Laptop - Power failure - auto restart

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I’ve got a few oldish laptops (4-5 years) and i want them to auto restart after a power failure, and there is no option in the BIOS, any tricks or ideas (besides pressing the power button #-o )

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its not my birthday, but I got myself a laptop :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks all !!!

Does your new laptop have a “power on” in the BIOS ?

Is it possible to upgrade the BIOS to a later version that may allow boot up at power on ?
If you check manufacturers website it should tell you the changes made with each new BIOS version.

I suspect a hardware intervention may be the only way to do this, attach a relay/timer thing across the power switch. I’ve done that with older desktops without the bios option but the surgery would be more challenging on a laptop. I recall someone on here doing it though, CaptDilli maybe?

i really liek this hibernate mode of XP
you shut the lid
open the lid, hit the power button, and everything is as it was after a fast resume of windows :slight_smile:

Hey, aren’t you the guy who is always pushing Win 2000. :slight_smile:

Hibernate is all I use on the laptop. It is great and so much faster than shutting down.


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Happy Birthday!!!

I find that the (wireless) network connection gets discombobulated if I hibernate mine for more than a few hours, like overnight. Do you see anything like that?

I usually see a ‘connection box’ asking if I want to connect via bluetooth when it comes out of hibernation but I just click cancel. The only thing it was doing (stopped the past two days) was not hold my mapped connections to the other machines. I had to open the file manager and just click on the mapped drives and all was well. For the past two days the drives have stayed mapped. Oh and it turns on the touch pad each time. Other than that no problems.


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I contacted Powerware and they said there UPS won’t start a laptop after a power failure.
Any suggestions on UPS ?

My solenoid is a good idea, just have to find out how to tell it to trigger when volatge is restored.

One of the problems of with trying to do this with a laptop is that it could be still running off the battery when the power comes back, and in that case you don’t want to push the power button.

hmmm, thanks…
i could use the power light (by using a relay)
just make sure there is enough power to start with, connect a large battery !!
Its for a remote site.

Yes if there’s a light that’s on when it’s running you could stick a photo transistor on there and with a few other parts you should be in business. So much easier with a desktop, everything you need is at the connector for the front panel.

What DC voltage does the laptop use? A couple of RV (motorhome) batteries should run it for a while…

or i could use a relay, and use the wires from the LED.
Finding battries won’t be a problem, maybe charging them will, might have to use a wind turbine :?

Oh sure, that would be better, for some reason I was thinking you didn’t want to get into the case.

I may be missing something, but to me one of the great advantages of using a laptop is that its battery tides you over during a power outage … its just a matter of making sure you have a new-ish battery in the machine. Ours is set up in our water access holiday home, where the power company is notoriously slow to fix problems. Powered hubs could be a weak link in the chain, but I am using an old (8 years at least) Toshiba Portege with all its power saving features turned off. Its delivering around 4.5 volts to the LAN via the USB port, so no hub and so far so good - as long as the electrician does not cut the power off during work on a building project and forget to wire it back in - which he did!