Hi Brian, I have opened a new thread on the language.ini file to make it easier to find for the others on the forum:

This is the original quote:

“check our the new language.ini function (under setup, language) that I am working on, that allows you to load any language into WD web pages captions via altering the language.ini file (click on the first time update first, then put the new label after the = and then use the update menu item, under setup, language, to load these new labels”

Well, my first results:

I have translated already a lot of statements, but are now encountering a more cosmetic problem…
The main screen of WD is more-or-less created to be functional. Not exactly to be the best looking program around. Because of this, the fonts are sometimes scaled down to fit on the screen (which has it’s max height and width). Using the translations, it will not fit in the screen anymore in 80% of the cases.

It would be nice to create a completely new main screen which not only looks nice, but can also accomodate all the new features Brian is building in to WD.

Don’t get me wrong here: I am still very very happy with WD, because it does everything i ever wanted and more…

Well, my two cents… Anyway Brian, keep up the good work !

Cheers, Aad

yeah, i have battled with translate names being much longer…and so abbreviations have had to be used.

i have been adding more and more to the language.ini (i.e more and more screens), just added the all time records today (save your language.ini, then use the create first time, then copy back what you had previously saved , and then fill in the new created section

Hi Brian…

I know from my earlier Visual Basic experiences that programming the logics is already hard enough, but adjusting the program in its looks as it evolves is a job on its own…

Are you also planning on putting the windspeed statements in there: (connected to the beaufort scale)

Light Breeze=


Cheers, Aad

yup,i can add the beufort there (but am out again today to a kids birthday party (again!)

i have added the beuafort to the language.ini in a new 9.67b
i know you have been waiting a while for this
(save your language.ini file, then do the first create, then copy back you saved setup, and then add the beuafort descriptions, then load it up
(this is the beaufort description for the custom tag )
should work as advertised all going well
(time to milk dem cows)

Great !!!

Thanks, and have fun with the cows !

cheers, Aad


had topic at same time at chatter, (mooi h

beaufort description:
its a custom tag,…
and redoing the language.ini create will set it in the language.ini file (but back up your existing one first…actualy i could get wd to do that for you)

It’s perfect… i’ve got it working (see webpage)

en inderdaad Ed, WD gaat eindelijk volwassen worden… zowel grafisch als qua functies…

Cheers, Aad

its a custom tag,.....

ok got it in my wx2
long time ago being there…(middellangetermijnweeroverzicht, remember :smiley: )…working fine all the time

spring here !

guys, i have added the graph lables to the language.ini file
have you tried that?

yes sir ! ok to me here :smiley:

next time
low ?

you know what ?
my graphs doesn’t have low windspeed for a long time at server
as soon I configurate for comport at this beast it dumps ‘low’ !
my client has ! 8O

the ws2020 data logger stations":
i have not calculated low speeds…but i could./…
like i have calculated high for the 3 minute data period

i will add these to the language.ini soon

the ws2020 data logger stations":

same as ws2000/wmr900h/etc ?

yup, and i meant ws2010 data logger…