Language.ini and main screen


if i edit the language.ini-File and a update from the screen apears, the wind chill will reset to the default parameter.
The problem is also at the headings “Values are reset at 0 hour” and “Rain reset at 0 hour”.

WD-Version: 9.93
Parameter at language.ini:

[Main screen]
wind chill=Gef

ok, i had made a change to the windchill
i will fix…
i also need to add more of the info to that ini file
what is the most important ones to add?

The most importent things to add/fix (my thinking):

[to fix]

  • windchill (main screen)
  • headings (main sccreen)
  • at the trend screen no data from the language.ini are displayed

[to add]

Is it better to change the WD-Language to English and load the language.ini or change to german and load then the language.ini?

Which Data do you need?
Only the english or also the german translation?

Best regards

i have fixed the first bugs in a new 9.93a ready now

the good thing about the ini file is people from other languages can use it…

but any bugs with the german language selection i should fix