Lake Delton in Wisconsin is gone

Been reading a lot of info about the Lake Delton in Wisconsin has been drained because of the flood waters. and drained into the Wisconsin river “Katrina-style” lot of towns down river are going to (or did) get hit hard from the lake.,0,5893610.story

Info from Wisconsin Dells website about it.

some youtube from when it was going on

in a way… it is sad…

My brother Dan, was heading off to medical school and I knew that meant we were no longer going to be able to screw around as we did and I was soon to be an only child for a while.

I was about 14, going to enter 9th grade. So Dr. Atkins our family dentist and family friend, gave us some money to urge our parents to let us head out on the open road for that last summer together.

Dr. Atkins’ was an interesting person… way ahead of his time in the field of dentistry and also was a personal friend of John Paul Sousa, he was on the draft board during WWII and so forth.

So Dan, I headed to the Dells. We noticed that the ancient rafting hooks bolted to the limestone looked awfully much like the garage door handle at home, the cow in the milk bottle looked like it was carved by a shop class on a dare and Black Hawk’s face carved in the rock… we laughed a lot at that, because we laughed at anything that even sounded remotely funny until our parents would send us to our rooms to calm down as we would trigger our asthma into great wheezes.

We had a wonderful time some 46 years ago. I sent him the article… sorry to hear about it.