Lacrosse WS-2305 DCF sync how to force?

Does anybody know how to force DCF syncronization on the WS-2305? The only way I know is restarting the unit. Is there any key combination?
Thanks, Viamar from Rome

On the LaCrosse 2310 a person can sync the Console with the Sensors by pressing the Plus (+} Key
on the Console and holding it in for 2 seconds

I know, but my question was about the DCF77 clock sync, not the sensors.
Thanks anyway!
Viamar from Rome

You mean the atomic clock? Does Italy have a transmission tower?

DCF77 is in Germany and I think it covers a fair amount of Europe.

ah the atomic clock! #-o

I do NOT know about the WS2305, but the WS2310 has no way to force synchronization of the clock. The unit attempts to sync every day beginning (IIRC) at 1:00am and trying each hour until 4:00am. I think Brian also stated that the WS2310 does NOT transmit the time in the data stream to the PC (or if it does WD doesn’t use the time).

I moved my console to a different location on my desk about a month ago, and it does not get a strong enough signal to sync the time, so it hasn’t for at least 30 days. I DO however sync the time on my LAN to the national Observatory, and the time on my WS2310 is still matching my PC’s time…

In Italy the DCF signal is strong enough to cover all the country. The problem is the pc always on that disturbs the dcf reception. For me also would be ok if there is a way to set the station clock from the PC (I too use FPT sync), I don’t know if WD can do it.
Regards, Viamar from Rome