LaCrosse 2810 and Weather Display... Some Functions not working

I am using a LaCrosse 2810 and using currdat.lst to get information to Weather Display and also WD Live. The problem is when In WD, I’m not getting any graph data on the main screen. All of the graphs are flat except at the very end where there appears to have some data but it is unreadable. When I go to View/view panel/tempwindraintrend, there is no data, wind distribution there is no data, Real Time Graph I DO have good data. I am using a currdat.lst file and I am using a WS2810 by LaCrosse Technology. Any Ideas?

You might want to recheck your setting in WD control panel, station type & settings, weather station type selection, Tab ELV/La Crosse/2010-13/WS2310/2350/etc. Heavy Weather Import section checkbox Use currdat.lst for data source checkbox Every 5 seconds update. Recheck the “select location of currdat.lst” to make sure it points to the correct file.