Labjack w/Temp Sensor - WD Setup

The reading I was getting through WD for the temp sensor connected to the lab jack seemed a little high. I compared this reading to that of the program that came with the labjack and found that WD was reading a higher voltage off of the sensor that the labjack program. See the attached picture - WD has the temp at 83.3 with a voltage of 3.018 while the labjack software has a temp of 78.22 with a voltage of 2.988. Based on other temperature gauges in this room, the labjack reading seems to be the correct one.

Is there anything in WD that I can adjust the voltage read or do I just adjust the extra temperature sensor offsets in Control Panel - Offsets - Extra Temperature Offset (in 10th of a degree C), and just drop these down so that the temperatures match? Does WD just read the voltage differently? Anyone else seen this?


wd uses the dll file provided…
that reading does tend to jump around a bit…and so wd takes a rolling average…

I have noticed that too while watching the labjack logger program. So, should I just watch it for awhile, figure out the average number of degrees that they are apart (about 5 degrees F it seems) and then use the offset to drop what WD displays to that number?

i have noticed an overead myself, and so used an offset,…for my soil temperature
i must have something wrong then…in the use the labjack reading
the formula is