La Crosse WS3600 - OFL???

We have a La Crosse WS3600 that has been operating faultlessly for approx 15 months. Recently the monitor is displaying “OFL” for Outdoor Temperature and “–” for Outdoor Humidity. The anemometer and wind direction however appear to be working, and readings adjust with conditions and appear reasonable.

The system is using the Wireless connection, but neither receiver or transmitter has moved, nor has anything in the radio path changed.

Batteries have been replaced on the transmitter, receiver is connected to the mains, and I have done several “Factory Resets” and complete power downs with batteries out for 60+ minutes to try and get it to reset.

Any ideas - less packing it all up and sending it back to the supplier for investigation?

Thanks in advance,

it could be a corroded connection to the aerial or similar

So by what you have said, the rain bucket is also working with the wind data? If that is so then it sounds like a board fault in the hygro/temp hub unit where the temp & humidity devices connect to it inside the case. The radio seems to be working ok. And this may be a corrosion issue and not locally repairable. jm2c - ymmv.

I found huge amounts of corrosion on my temp/hum board (ws2500) after just 7 months of use, however i modified the disused rain bucket board and resoldered the sensors back on and it wokrs fine again now. If it is corrosion then it will need a complete new board.

Thanks for the insights.

Have opened the Hygro/Temp/Wind transmitter unit and removed several dead insects and cleared some minor corrosion - although none sufficient to compromise a PCB connection???

All connections appear ‘clean’ and the plugs and sockets have been checked. The problem however seems unresolved???

Unless there are any last suggestions, am guessing that the unit will need base-repair? If anyone has any alternate suggestions, please advise, else we’ll send the entire system in for an overhaul.


An update for anyone who comes across this thread later:

Unit was faulty. Because the unit needs to be accessible to the environment to measure both humidity and temperature, it is inevitable that there is some ingress of moisture. In my case the moisture had created sufficient corrosion to cause problems.

I have replaced the unit, and all now appears to be working well. I have however moved the transmitter unit to a location where it has greater protection from the driving wind and rain - which to be fair, the manufacturer always suggested.

Thanks again to those who replied.


Thanks for returning to the post. Did they replace under warranty? How long did it take? I’m glad you’re back up and running again!

No, not under warranty, but then the period had expired by a few months. They did however provide a 25% discount as an existing customer. Notwithstanding the discount, cost did seem high - approx $130 against total full unit purchase now only ~ $600, but so be it.

As far as time - spoke to Scientific sales on a Thursday, sent them the unit that day which they undertook to test. They rang me on the next Tuesday, and as agreed a new unit was shipped which arrived on the Thursday. Possibly the only complaint would be that they didn’t return the old / faulty unit (in case it wasn’t faulty at all …). I was very confident that the original unit was faulty so no issue, but from a perspective of being totally transparent, I thought they should have considered returning the old unit also - after all, it is my property.

Glad to be back up and running.


Wow. What country are you in? Maybe add that to your forum profile.

It sounds like he may be another NZ’er… :wink:

SJT - in your Profile page on the LHS is an option to add some local details, weather station make and model, location, XP or Vista etc… then when you have any problems, we can help you easier… :wink:


that is why I recommend the irox station…it has much better quality seals around the sensors and battery compartment…it costs more…but you get what you pay for…just my opinion
but if you live in a dry climate, then you will be OK with these cheaper stations

OK team - thanks for the hints.

Profile updated. I couldn’t quite see where to add the OS details - albeit that they aren’t overly useful given that I’m running both Linux and Windows, but an using OPEN3600 to poll information from the station.