La Crosse WS2300 / data logger


I don’t understand what must be entered in the “console barometer offset” for the WS2300 data logger setup ?

The fact is the barometer graph is wrong after the data has been read from the WS2300 at WD startup… whereas it is correctly read in “real-time” mode (when WD is active and when the data is directly read from the station)…



Precision : the difference from the pression read by WD in the data logger is 23.2 hpa more than the good one, displayed by the console, and correctly “directly” read by WD.

This difference IS NOT the difference bteween the “absolute” (sea level) pression and the “relative” pression parametered in the console (this relative pression is 35.2 hpa more than the pression at sea level)…

So, I still can’t understand where this diffirence comes from…???

An other question related to the Data Logger with the La Crosse WS2300 : is it possible to completely reset all the values in WD and to re-import all the data still in the memory of the console ?

I’d like to do that, because after a few days testing WD, I have discovered only today that it was possible to configure WD to read the data in the console memory (“data logger”) at start up.

As my PC is not permanently “on”, and as the data logger was not “on” during my first days using WD, the graphs are wrong…

Am I right wanting to do that ? Any other suggestions ?



the problem is i used one barometer reading for real time , but then wehn i added data logger extract, i discovetred it was another barometer reading (i.e absolute or sea level being one or the other readings), so the adjusment is the offset you have entered into the console
sorry about that…

you could delete your data in the logfiles and datafiles folder and extract the data from the datalogger at start up…

(note, the datalogger is best if 1 minute logging, its more compatible with WD

Thanks for the answer.

But what I have noticed is that the offset I must enter in WD datalogger setup IS NOT the one I have entered in the console to make the “relative vs. sea-level” pression adjustement.

If I enter this (35.2 hpa), the data transfered in WD is not the one that has been recorded by the console. I mut enter 23.2 hpa in WD in order to have in WD, after datalogger reading, the pression recorded by the console…

Any idea ?



got me baffled, sorry

I understand that for a better quality, it is better to have the data logger setted up to 1 minute… But for the timle being, it is impossible for me to have the PC permanently “on”…

So, if I set up this to 1 minute, the console memory will have only 175 hours of data : less than 3 hours…

If I set it up to 30 minutes, I will have 3,5 days of “autonomy”…

So, could you confirm me that it is not a REAL problem to have the WD data logger setted up to 30 minutes (just, less quality) ?

I would like to know how I can check that the “click” on “Set the data logger to 30 minutes samples” has been considered by WD ? Because, when I start up WD after a night “off”, the data logger windows tell me it is downloading a number of minutes equivalent to the number of minutes the PC has been of.

In fact, if I click on “Set the data logger to 1 minute samples” or on “Set the data logger to 30 minutes samples” , the number of minutes displayed in the data logger window at WD start up is always the same…

Could you please give me a little more indications on how this operates ?



there is still only 175 data points in the data logger even if stored only every 30 minutes, say.
now, wd, if off for 3 hours, will request back the number of data points, assuming each one to be 1 minute…
but if you have it set to 30 minutes, then it will get all 175 data points…which is too much
so i would need to set a flag in the software to know that each data point is 30 minutes instead, and so only go back a few data points.

but i tell people computers are best left going all the time if you can…
its the heating up and cooling down and power surges on power up that can do damage
but you need to keep the fan , motherboard dust free, etc

OK, I understand…

…and do you “seriously” :wink: think you’ll have the time to compute this “flag” system “one day” :oops: ? It will be really, really interesting…

I quite agree with your position about letting “on” a computer, that’s what I do at my office, but for a lot of reasons, I c’an’t do that with the computer in the house where my weather station is installed…

Thanks for the explanation.


it should not be too much trouble, i will look into it over the next few days
i gotta run, installing some smoke alarms in peoples houses this morning as a community initiative scheme

Thanks a lot, one more time :smiley:


the new zip download now lets you specify the data logging interval…
and then so the data will be padded out by that amount
(in the ws2310 data logger setup)
please try:
and unzip to where WD is installed

Many, many thanks… But :

  • for the time being, I am far away from my weather-installation, and I can not test this great improvment ;

  • I tried to download this zip file in order to backup it for future installation, and the link does not work ?

Thanks again, and sorry not for being able to test it right now.


hi, yeah that link has gone…
just use the latest normal download