La Crosse 2210 again

Hello all,

This weather station showed up u few times to many on this forum.
But my money reserve is not that big that I can buy a new station every few years.
As you might expect, I have some trouble with it.

Station = La Crosse 2210
Outdoor sensor = 2010-25
Logger = 2010-13

Connected to PC (Thin Client)
WD version 10.37h
What trouble do I have:

1, The 2010-25 suddenly stopped working, the display showed me --.-
Because the sensor is always faced to the north (no trees or anything in the way, clear view so to speak) I placed it in direct sun light (south) for over a week.
The 2210 did not receive a signal once. I let it reboot several times to search for the sensors.
So at last I ordered a new 2010-25 assuming that it was broke.
When it arrived I left it in direct sun (and we had some beautiful days) for 2 days.
Then I inserted the magnet.
The 2210 and the 2010-13 could not find the sensor. The 2210 is still showing me --.-
Now I have 2 broken 2010-25 sensors? I refuse to believe that but I have no other explanation.

  1. The 2010-13 is giving me trouble for some years now. After a very difficult period of trial and error I left it alone for some time.
    Now I want to set up a web page and retrieve data from the logger.
    But wherever I put it in my room, it always has an error on the one of the sensors, saying it does not exist, sometimes that it is on error.
    Moving around sometimes helps but I can’t put a logger on the floor in the middle of my room because there is the best signal.
    This logger does not see the 2010-25 either.

  2. La Crosse help desk is not giving me real support but standard answers.

  • Someone having this trouble to and maybe solved it?
    I would like to know how.
  • Is a Davis VP2 giving this trouble too?

Thanks for reading and answering