Keeps freezing

Hello. I have had the weather station and WD software since August. It has never rum for more than 3 days without crashing at random times. I have even built a dedicated P4 computer but that didn’t make any difference. I am now running 10.32e with debug code. It has just crashed again. It stops downloading data, and freezes. Sometimes I can close it or sometimes I have to go to task manger to close it. I then have to reboot to get it to work again. Usually there is no error code but tonight when I logged on I found it had already sent the error code, and I don’t know if or where a copy is kept.

I am away for 3 weeks/month and I need the system to run reliably for weeks rather than days. At the moment I have to reboot the computer from internet cafes/hotel rooms wherever I happen to be. I am getting desperate for some help to get the system working. Where do I start?

Pentium4 2.26GHz
512MHz RAM
Davis Vantage Pro with Data logger(USB) and Sun sensor
Logitech Quickcam 4000
dedicated to WD


I have experienced the same problem. May be it can have something with the USB connection to do?


A number of people have reported problems with the USB VP data logger, and they affect other software as well as WD. If you search the forum you’ll find a number of threads on the subject.

If I remember correctly you can try…

  1. Using a USB2 port on the PC if you’re using a USB1.1 port.
  2. Connecting the data logger via a USB hub rather than direct to the PC.
  3. Last resort…get a serial data logger!

If you’re able to try the first two at low/no cost then they’re worth a try, especially as there is no guarantee that they will solve the problem.

yes, its a commen problem with the USB data logger

even replacing the USB cable with a better quality one has helped people

if you get a serial data logger, the problems stop
even if you then use a USB to serial (good quality) to that serial data logger
(which is all that davis have done, but it does not seem to be very good quality (or it might be the drivers))

Thanks for all your comments. I have been away for 10 days to Aussie and back and haven’t had tiome to reply.

I will get on to the retailer to see what options I have. Hopefully I can convert it to a serial interface without too much expense.

Is there anywhere WD stores a log of a previous crash? I would like to post it to see if it gives any clues. There is nothing in the “VIEW/PROGRAM ERROR LOG” option.

Back from 2 weeks away. WD still keeps crashing every few days and I restart it via remote desktop. I have manged to salvege a crash report below. Can anyone please interpret it for me?

Re. comments USB/Serial logger, during & after crash the USB to UART port does not show any error in device manger. My local dealer says it would if there was a problem with the USB connection. Does that sound right?

Crash 04mar.txt (20.9 KB)

Yup, a few people here have had the crash problem with the USB. Davis is aware and will swap out the USB for a serial without hassle as I understand. For me the USB has never caused a problem. Guess it depends on the system and software combo. Also some have found that an older computer with USB 1 also causes problems.


I would like to have some evidence on the cause of the crashes before I start changing hardware. Can anyone tell from the attached file what caused the crash? Or is there any other file I should post after a crash?

Crash 04mar.txt (20.9 KB)

I feel your pain. I’m having the same exact problem. Mine is running with a true RS232 serial port and a HeavyWeather data logger.

I have not evidence on what file causes the crash, I jumped through most of the hoops to get it working. It is not a WD problem it is a Davis problem. Now we got that out of the way here are some things I done.

I posted several posts on this topic, and you are either lucky or you are not.

Moving to USB2 causes less problems than staying with USB1.1. Davis support is very responsive in providing a new file and software that should fix the USB issue, so far running USB on USB 2 and using the latest weatherlink drivers seems to work for me on windows XP or windows server 2003 R2. I have a davis vantage pro and a USB data logger, I use a laptop to log the data.


I don’t really understand your reference to a file causing a crash? The only file I have referred to is a text file of a crash report from WD. I attached the file as a text file. Here it is again.
Can anybody tell from this what caused the crash (I have to start somewhere)?

Crash 04mar.txt (20.9 KB)

Ah, my mistake.

I had some troubles with the USB version of the data logger, and got intouch with Davis. They provided the latest version of the weatherlink software (which you can download from their webpage).

I have no idea what causes the crashes, i had some crashes initially but after a new install on a fresh computer it disappeared. So maybe the lock has to do with clutter on the HD or something like that.

Sorry but at this stage I cannot help you any further.