Just about to purchase a VP2Plus from the US - can you guys check it?

Hi guys,

OK, having looked over many websites and suppliers pages over the last couple of months, I have Wife Approval to buy a VP2 Plus from Weatherbuffs.

Here is what I have in my cart currently:

1 x Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 6162C - Cabled Version
1 x Davis 07747 Solar Powered Daytime Fan Aspiration Kit
1 x Davis WeatherLink 6510 Software Data Logger WINDOWS SERIAL Port
1 x Davis 07716 Mounting Tripod

Will this combination work OK with WD? I am pretty sure it will, but just feel I need others feedback before I spend around $1,400 NZ dollars!!

Also - a question for anyone in NZ who has imported a VP2, what was the customes duty/gst etc that you had to pay when it reached NZ?

Appreciate any advice good or bad. :smiley:


Is it really economic to ship a simple tripod around the world? Here in the US the same generic tripod is available for antenna use at electronics stores like radio shack for a lower price than Davis. Can’t you get something similar in NZ?

Gday Niko,

You probably can get a tripod locally, although our local electronic suppliers DSE and Jaycar don’t stock anything like it. I was just being slightly lazy and wanted the “complete” Davis system that just needed some assembly and then worked straight out of the box. After 4 years of 1-wire and 3 years before that of Lacrosse 2310, I’m really looking forward to having a high end station that will work without ongoing issues.

Interestingly, shipping the tripod here only costs an additional $27USD… #-o

Apart from the tripod, does the rest of it look good to go?

How much extra would it be to get the 24 hr FARS version instead of buying the daytime add on?

Thats a good point, after reading the Davis marketing, I was’nt sure if 24hr FARS was essential. Also, it looks as if (at Weatherbuffs anyway) that the 24hr FARS Kit is only availble with the wireless 6162, the 6162 cabled version (wireless would be preferable but it is a) more expensive and b) conflicts with some Telco’s mobile frequencies here) seems to only have the 12hr FARS as an option…

Is this correct? Any other 6162C owners have the 24hr FARS unit?

Appreciate the thoughts Niko… :slight_smile:

I purchased from Weather Buffs last year 6162c, had no problem with it. I did not purchase 24hr FARS or tripod.

I bought in a 6162c pro 2 plus recently paid about $300 in duty (my supplier didnt include the weather link software etc on the invoice so my declared value was lower)

A cavet adding solar and UV is expensive if added later a further cavet you cannot add other sensors to the 6162.

My unit is mounted on a post in the back yard, not a hard task.

The cabled is the right option for where you are. Hmmm, you could be right I don’t see the 24 hr FARS + cabled config listed on the Davis site, I can’t think why not, I guess that’s just a marketing choice :frowning:

I think marketing is indeed the reason. Just to confirm - there are no 6153C or 6163C option (ie cabled FARS models) made. No reason in principle why they couldn’t be made but I guess there’s just not enough of a market foreseen to add yet further variants to the model line-up. (There used to be 6151C and 6161C models, ie the 24-Hr FARS equivalents in the VP1 range but these were never carried through to VP2, presumbaly because they never sold well.)

Hi Macca,
Your list if much as I have - I’m just over the hill from you and your welcome to pop over and take a look if you wish. Only thing I have done is separate the anemometer from the main unit - its mounted on my old TC antenna pole and main ISS bolted to my deck.
PM me if you wish to pop over

Cabled was chosen as an option for me as the Radio Spectrum in NZ doesnt allow the Davis US Frequency also I am just plain old fashion and like cabling, you have something physical you can test and prove.

The lack of Fars concerned me intially but I intend to build my own since Davis dont make one, might cheat and use the day light one and modify it yet. Still deciding on best value course

Hi lads,

Firtsly, thank you all for the excellent feedback. I will be confirming my order this week (am just waiting the money to arrive in my account!). I will be sticking with the original spec above, minsu the tripod!

Paul - thanks for the offer, I will PM you to discuss a few local Davis issues! Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

Even though they are a little more expensive, I think I will get my VP2+ from Weather buffs at this stage for price/service reasons.

Thanks again,

I have that setup here, cabled with the daytime FARS and the solar/UV sensors.
I ran some extra cables when I put it in and I’m going to connect one up to run the fan 24hrs to see what effect it has.
I also paralleled up the two solar panels on the fan which helped it start up in low sunlight, The second panel would usually be for the wireless version ISS i guess

Hi, I have a wireless VP Pro2 Plus, got it in May of "08. It runs with a USB Weather Envoy and it works mostly fine. A problem I see with your order list is the Tri-pod and mast for the ISS (outside rain guage, etc.). I ended up using a 10 foot x 1-1/2 inch galvanized pipe as a mast. The mast is mounted to a 4 foot section of 1 1/2 inch pipe in ground that is used as a Socket (the in ground part). The reason I went with this size pipe was that the wind would blow the ISS around causing false readings with a smaller mast. If you would like more info then contact me at [email protected] and I’ll give you more detail. You may want to go with a wireless system to avoid any problems with lightning being conducted in to your house and weather computer. As always grounding is VERY important if Mother Nature hits your tower/mast a VERY large current WILL be impressed on all wires going to/from the external ISS to the Console and on into the house wiring. More if your interested.

Stuart DW0581

I sent my weather station away for repair to the US. When it came back to NZ, customs were going to charge me 12.5% on the value of the station (this was last month). I did not have to pay since I could prove that I had sent it away for repair (if you send anything overseas for repair, make sure that you keep all receipts and correspondence).

Gidday Guys,

Firstly- thanks for all the advice, it was really appreciated. I have just finished my online purchase for a Davis 6162C with FARS and Serial Data Logger. As suggested, I did not get any mounting hardware and this has saved on freight costs. 3 days is the expected delivery time to NZ (will be surprised if its that quick), however, within the next two-three weeks I’ll decommission the 1-wire station and install the new Davis.

Pretty happy at present! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cheers lads,

I just bought the same thing from Weather Buffs today. I bought my La-Crosse from there 3 or 4 years ago, and I tell you what… expect it to arrive quickly. I am sure that the La-Crosse was here that quick I thought it came from Brisbane. :slight_smile:

good stuff guys
I am sure you will be pleased :slight_smile:

Well mine has seemed to have cleared customs in Sydney this morning. Only the trip north to here left. That will likely take longer than the trip from California. :? :slight_smile:

Mine has landed in Auckland… status update on thre DHL site says “cleared for processing”… :roll: :roll: :roll:

Did you have to pay any customs dty/tax/fees etc Eagleizer?

Can’t wait for mine to turn up - have a couple of annual leave days booked!