Jpgwebcam.jpg uploads as ips.txt data


There seems to be a series of issues with the CAM and animation creation areas, however I will start with the most interesting one here. After updating from 264 to 272 when viewing the uploaded file jpgwebcam.jpg an error on viewing that the file says it is corrupt. On further investigation it became apparent the the uploaded file was named jpgwebcam.jpg but was in fact a copy of ips.txt, very strange. No settings were changed between the update from 264 to 272 using the zip file method. The jpgwebcam.jpg files are alright on the WD machine.


ips jpgwebcam Capture.JPG

post what shows in the ftplogfull.txt
there should be some clues there

Here is the relevant part of ftplog.txt… I think

agenda items to do…
Files to upload*
Local files: D:\IMAGES\jpgwebcam.jpg
Remote files: webcamimage.gif
Remote files: jpgwebcam.jpg
list of files uploaded*
Uploading D:\IMAGES\jpgwebcam.jpg → webcamimage.gif

Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\ips.txt → jpgwebcam.jpg
FTPUPD.EXE finished at 1:03:25 PM 6/6/2015

the problem looks to be with the local file name being jpgwebcam.jpg but the remote file name being webcamimage.gif
also did you want ips.txt uploaded?
(you can turn that off…in the ftp/internet setup, remote control)

I think it is clear that the file are being renamed by WD when uploaded, why would anyone want to do this, and is there a solution to upload the files without their names being changed by WD. I am not concerned with the ips.txt file since it is not being renamed by WD.


the problem you are seeing occurs when there are duplicate file names (usually with the remote file names)

I erased those files on the remote server, then WD uploaded the misnamed files again.

the best thing to do is to .zip and email me your settings files
(and also the duplicate file names I am refering to in the WD settings)