Jpg or gif

I am getting all confused by the webcam extensions. I “think” I have my webcam creating both jpg and gif images. I “think” the animated webcam files are updating and hopefully working. My webpage appears to be working. The one thing that isn’t working is AW. Now for some reason I am sending them a gif and my site there is linked to jpg…ARRGH! The gif is there as I modified the url and I can see it. I could probably email Gregg and have it changed, but wanted to find out if I can change the file I send them without screwing up everything on my server…again…???

My AW web picture was a gif file but when I started using the new web capture it turned to a jpg file. I thought I was creating both files. I e-mailed AW and they changed the file within an hour. All is working OK now. Not sure why but it works.