iwdl simple feature requests

Hi there.

IWDL is terrific and I have it working just fine. I’d like to see how to modify it just slightly to fit my situation. I’ve modified mine a bit in other ways, but I’m a bit stuck on how to expand IWDL to do a bit more. What I’d like to do is add more “pages” and “child pages” that I can define myself. These would be simple pages and not have to rely on what IWDL offers now.

To explain a bit better what I’d like to do is something similar to what happens when you click “records” you then move to a page with sub topics like “records today”. In my case I don’t need more station data. Just blank pages to add more features to my smart phone version of my weather site.



I was thinking of adding a daily hi/lo data screen
(i.e max gust, time of that, max /min temp, time of that, etc etc)
good idea?

Does this refer to iWDL, or iWD?

good point

What I’m referring to is iWDL. The smart phone script that grabs WD data. What I’m after is I would like to figure out a way to create some addon pages of my own. I’ve fiddled with the script as best I can and have created addon pages, but haven’t figured out how to create child pages in the manner of the Records page. Here’s my meager attempt…



That would be a great addon screen!

note, that idea for an addition is to my iWD app :wink:

Sorry if I added to the confusion Brian.