I've turned my web cam but now the imageis stretched

I have put my web cam into a box on the top of my shed to get a better shot of the garden and the barn beyond. My wife bought me a bird nesting box to use and not wishing to upset her, I have used it but its a bit narrow. Hence I have had to turn the camera on its side. Now that’s OK because WD lets me rotate the webcam image. However, WDL seems to have a fixed size for display which is landscape - not portrait as my image is now. Hence the web cam image is being stretched.

Is there any way that I can tell WDL to use its dimensions the other way round so that the image isn’t stretched??

Thanks in advance
BTW, nearly there so thanks to you all for the help so far.

Not at the moment - might be something I could add in the future.


Thanks - the image looks wrong so I might even have to admint to my wife that the box she bought isn’t quite right :slight_smile:

Where abouts in Colchester are you? I’m in Tuddenham St Martin about 3 1/3 miles NE of Ipswich.

I hope to have a Meso Map up soon.

Highwoods, N Colchester - not that far from you really!