It's my birthday!

:smiley: 8) :wink:


:occasion4: Tim.

Hope you received a cable to let you connect with your PC :wink:

:multi: Happy b-day! Tim.

Thanks Dave and John…

To answer your question Dave, you’re off a year.

Can’t wait, though! :wink: :silly: O:)



[quote author=Kojack link=topic=12524.msg95619#msg95619 date=1132759498]
Hope you received a cable to let you connect with your PC

Thanks, Chris. :slight_smile:

If not, perhaps we could join together to buy one as a present?

Sounds like a plan. :smiley: :wink:


happy birthday tim 8)
if everyone did contribute a few dollars it would mount up, LOL :wink:

So the only question is… which cable???

Thanks, Brian…

I know…I don’t think we should head back that way again! :lol:

I’m sure you guys would just be better off getting me a new computer! :wink: 8)


the vp data logger comes with a cable and adaptor, so you cant go wrong
(but you still need to get the corret com port selected)

And that’s exactly what I’m afraid of…

But I have a feeling that the other station didn’t work because of something to do with the console. :?


weather link auto detects the correct com port…so thats worth a try

Ahhhh…didn’t know that.

I will wait a little while to get WL since the VP2 and heater was my birthday/Christmas present. :wink: