It's arrived!!!

My Davis VP2 (6152C) has arrived. :slight_smile: Should be in service within a few days, if all goes well.

Total cost with Weatherlink = $572, including packing and transport, and I was charged

They can’t send VP2s to the UK though unfortunately. :frowning:

enjoy your new toy :smiley:

$ 572, I’m not going to convert that to

[quote author=Clanger link=topic=20554.msg159775#msg159775 date=1165341801]
$ 572, I’m not going to convert that to

Last month: VP2, Fars, weatherlink, two additional stations/temp probes -

Perhaps I should get the WMR 100 instead :frowning:

[quote author=BristolWx link=topic=20554.msg159810#msg159810 date=1165352172]

6152C with weatherlink in the uk - approx

6152C with weatherlink works out about

…and their sales tax is only 10% :wink:

Yeah, but we have a tax on a tax.

Buy petrol, and you pay a fuel excise and then you pay GST on top of that. :frowning:

Petrol is currently ‘cheap’ here for around $1.09 per litre, and there’s 4.5 litres per imperial gallon.

Petrol is currently 'cheap' here for around $1.09 per litre, and there's 4.5 litres per imperial gallon.

I have a diesel. $1.40 per litre, petrol 1.33 per litre But we’re off topic :smiley:

Congrats on the VP2.

Enjoy your VP ‘Devil’

I never dreamt of having one :smiley: but now things are functioning it is great.

Have done a provisional installation right next to the WS2300, to see how they compare.
Outside temp to within

Just to clarify, your WS2300 temp sensor is in a DIY shelter - right?

Yup, an aluminium-coated inverted plant-pot saucer one.

Now up and running on my computer and site. Will be making some mods to the latter over the next day or three. The outside temp/humidity is still tracking well with the WS2300, but the barometer has drifted off slightly (currently 1.1 hPa difference). No visible anomalies as yet!

congrats on getting a VP and getting it all setup
make sure you set the time/date on the console to match the pc and set datalogging interval to 1 minute too :slight_smile:

Yes, watch out for that archive interval, seems to set to 30 minutes.

Thanks, guys.

I had the datalogger set to 1 minute but the overnight archives are set to 30 minutes: haven’t sussed that one out, yet.

Sounds like the weatherlink hardware is set to a 30 min archive interval. In WD go Control Panel, Data Logger and check that 1 minute is selected in the box at the upper left, then hit the “set” button, that will reset the hardware to one minute (and incidentally clear the data).