Is there any way to save the single webcam shot to a different location?

Is there any way by which I could save the mywebcam.jpg to, say, my wwwroot\images directory, whilst the daily timestamped files for the all day video were sent to a different directory, eg c:\weatherimages\sequential ?

Also - IF I leave the GIF filename blank, does that mean no GIF file will be produced? Is this GIF needed for anything?


the gif image is used for the animatedwebcam.gif production

i could add option to copy the jpg image to a selected location/nameā€¦
add that to the feature request section of the forum

great - thanks for the reply.

Ive sussed my problem, and no war ound it really - I use my c: drive wwwroot for my webpages, and d: for saving any time lapsed images.

There is no route (that I can work out) to publish d:\weatherpics\webcamp.jpg to c:w\wwwroot\webcam.htm

Does it mean I can leave the GIF entry blank and it wont be created?

(Also posting on wish list)