Is there a way to see my FTP password in the WD setup screens

After literally years of running my WD uploading to my GoDaddy server, I want to add an additional folder to send a new station’s data and WD images to.

All was well, so I thought, by going through the server address, my login and then asked for my password for that site. Despite consulting numerous notes scribbled and done over the years, all the passwords I’ve used or think I had are rejected by GoDaddy. I know that four different WD instances are uploading every 5 to 20 minutes and have been able to gain access and transfer to the appropriate sub folders on my server. I have about exhausted my list of passwords, so it must be wanting something different, yet the WDs I have set up over the years still work just fine, so I’d like to continue with using that password.

Many programs now allow you to hide or unhide the password. So far I can see how to get WD to allow me to see ALL the settings on that page.

I know, security IS and issue, but for goodness sakes, this is my program on an obscure little computer in my basement.

Is there some trick to see what that dotted in hidden password is? I’m afraid that if I tell GoDaddy to reset my FTP access I’ll be chasing around trying to find all the places that I used that password, rather than trying to find what the working one actually is, and using it for one more FTP upload to the server.

Any help or hints or am I just stuck?

Have you tried looking in the WD config files or the WD config entries in the Windows registry? It’s possible that the FTP password is stored unencrypted somewhere in there.

No I haven’t so thank you for the lead!

It’s in the wdisplayftp reg file under FTPPassword
The file should be in the data backup folder if daily backup not done do a manual action backup settings to get the latest


Very good. Thank you! Dale