Is it just me?

I download from my VP daily to WD my data so I can process it and see just what is really going on, rather than post it. This is my “research” data.

I get the screen that says its downloading from a certain date and time, but I no longer actually see the two dates and times , the start and end and the data doesn’t appear to show up anywhere. Is this because I don’t have WD on board all the time and it looks as the present informaton as the start point? I haven’t changed any setting. So what i do is go to download the download.txt and I am sure the data is in the data base.

It use to be that the graphs updated as the data was sent. Obviously something has changed on my end as I do not see other posters having the same problem.

Any suggestions?

did this start with a certain verison?
(as I was playing around with this, trying to improve it, and might have upset it)

I am going to guess whatever was available about August 17. I went in and looked at files and the last bit of data that was continuous was August 17.

I don’t know if that is much of a clue, but about the best I have right now.