Is ET supposed to be plotted on the extra sensors RT graph?

If so I so not see any line associated with this at all? I see the number change but no lines. Anyone else seeing a line plotted?

it is for me



The ET is not displaying on my graph either. Also the ET on the main screen (0.286 in) does not match the ET on the extra sensors graph (0.011 in).


try, using the setup, display all the lines, and see if it is hidden there
and email me the wdisplay.ini file
wdisplayftp.ini from the registry
it must be a inches and or weather station difference thing

I have sent the files by email to you. At the time the files were made the ET on main screen showed 0.037 in and on the real time graph it showed 0.001 in.

Hope this helps.


I checked it but it would not stay on. So I checked it again and selected the set button and now it shows up. The funny thng is nothing else is checked to plot but the solar sensor reading and 2 other temp sensors plot just fine?

yes, you need to click on the set button (which i have been meaning to put to the other side)
the other ones are on by auto setup from other settings
but you can override on this setup (by clicking on set)
vers 9.75 i have changed the starting offset for the ET, which should help