IP webcam upload directly to website

Please tell me how you did that.

Are you using WD?



See this thread.

Niko, if you’re referring to the WD HTTP Download method then I’m already doing it that way - you pointed me in that direction several months ago. :slight_smile:

I was hoping Skyewright had another method.

Did I link the wrong thread? I was referring you to the Panasonic BL-C140 thread, that’s the cam he uses (so do I), it has FTP upload built in.

Okay, thanks.

Call me the green eyed monster. But that is one nice view. :smiley:


It certainly is.

There are a lot of different ways to do this, most of them not so simple. I’m sure we can make some suggestions if you can tell us what are you trying to do, or what’s not working, or what you don’t like about the way you have it working now.

As niko says, I have a Panasonic BL-C140. The software built into that camera includes a facility for ftp upload. You can set that up via the camera’s browser interface.

Once the image reaches the website I use the script described here to add overlay text.

Thanks for the responses.
It was really just for interest - I’m happy with the current method I’m using but it’s always nice to increase ones knowledge.


Same here. It’s handy to know what’s possible, even if you don’t need it right now. :wink:

Getting the relative timing of the image upload (direct from camera), overlay data upload (from WD computer) and the php script (CRON on server) just right took a little tuning, but I’m happy with the result.

I don’t use PHP so those scripts are no help to me. #-o
But that doesn’t stop others using them. :lol:


you said it is a panasonic IP Cam…why not use the direct link to the newest image …something like this, but with your IP Address in place of the XX.XXX.XX.XX and your port in place of the :YYYY


Or if you want a larger image use this:


This is the code I used when I helped Peter setup the latest still image seen on the top right part of his homepage here:


I am assuming his Panasonic Ip cam and yours are similiar. His is the Panasonic BL-C101A

If you also want the code used on his LIVE Webcam Page…let me know.


Hi Chris

I would love to have the code
email in my profile

Many thanks


Hello Tony…

I just went to your site, BUT did not see any Webcam there…Do you have a live webcam or still image cam pictures?

do you have a panasonic?

Just curious why you would want the code…if you dont have a Panasonic webcam…either that Or I couldnt find your link for it???

Dazed and Confuzed…Chris

Hi Chris

Sorry to confuse, yes I have a panasonic (new puchase Bl-C30) and hope with the help of your script to
have both live webcam and still images.


I’m not sure if I’m the “you” here, but I use periodic direct ftp from the camera because I it suits how I want the system to work.

I’m aware of the URL approach and use it for ‘internal consumption’.

Horses for courses. YMMV. :slight_smile:

Hello tony…

I have emailed you the script and directions, but am also going to place it here for anyone else that may need it.

Please Note that where the XX.XX.XX.XX Is where your Pyshical IP Address goes, and where the YYYY…Is where your port number goes. You will also need to change the location of Massapequa to your own location, and the panasonic camera model in the ABOUT part at bottom of script, to your cam model. This script is only for certain Panasonic IP Camera’s, but I am unsure of exactly all the models it will work with. If you want to change the Resolution from the 640x480, there are 2 places in the script that need to be changed…if you decide to use the 320x240 smaller Resoultion. just change the 2 sections that say Resolution=640x480 TO Resolution=320x240.

This is the script:


Massapequa, New York - Live WeatherCam

About The Webcam

The Camera in use is a Panasonic BL-C101A IP Network Camera and it is facing the Northeast Sky.

<?php from what I read on the page, this script should work with all these Panasonic model Cams: BL-C1, BL-C20, BL-C101, BL-C121, BL-C10, BL-C30, BL-C111, BL-C131, BL-C140, BL-C160 BB-HCM3xx Series, BB-HCM5xx Series, BB-HCE481 ....Chris