IP web cam


I am trying to set up a new IP web cam on WD Live. I set up the cam so as not to use authentication. I can see the webcam image on a browser, but when I insert it as a url into the WD Live configuration, and click on “test”, it fails to ever grab the image.

My WD Live site is http://ml.sepetiba.net/weathernew/index1.html
I currently have an updated jpg image showing.

The url for the IP web cam is http://ml.sepetiba.net:81/video.cgi

Any ideas?


If I try to open your webcam URL I get prompted to save the file video.cgi. Your web server should be processing that script file to return an image to the browser so that might be where the problem lies.


Thanks for your rapid reply. It is strange since I can open the image file from my FireFox browser using the video.cgi url? I also tried using /camera=1 but it does not understand that command.


Interesting. FF3 opens the image but IE7 tries to download the file!

I think it’s a MIME type problem. If there’s no MIME type info provided by the web server, I think FF is interpreting the contents of the internal file header to find out that it’s a JPEG. IE isn’t trying to guess the file type when there’s no MIME type info provided. If I save the video.cgi file and view it in an image viewer I can see the picture.

I see an embedded webcam image

FF 3.0.5

Flash can’t handle image files other then .jpg, .gif or .png AFAIK…



I guess that explains it. WDL does not support a streaming cam.

Can I use this in Weather Display itself?


I have an IP camera as well I have not found a way past the Authentication issue yet.

I have gotten round it with an Iframe and displaying the video in that see