IP Camera

i have installed a Dlink DCS950G, but it does not seem to work with the WD IP camera setting, tech support said the camera does not create static images. the software that came with it does not create .jpg ether. any suggestions?


It seems like the DLink DCS-950G should work with webcamcapture ver 6.9
They say it can do snaphots in the spec.

“You can access and control the DCS-950G Wireless Internet Camera using Internet Explorer version 6. As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCS-950G, you can take snapshots or record directly from the Web browser to a local hard drive without installing any software, making it convenient to instantly capture any moment no matter where you are.”

ver 6.9 can be downloaded at…
copy this version to where you normally install WDisplay.

I tried that version last night but it was unable to find any files on the camera

Are you able access the camera directly with Windows Explorer as the spec indicates?

yes you can view a web page called iMode.asp. you then get a snapshot image and a refresh link. if you right click on the image you see the name changes from image0.jpg to image1.jpg etc. each time you right click on it. so i tried image0.jpg but the file was still not found

Try http://router.camera address/IMAGE.JPG?
my router.camera address is

that is what i tried unless it is case sensitive? the webpage is

I think you are out of luck with this specific model…

I did a Google search, and found at least a few links that indicate you cannot get single images from the camera via any software.

This is typical of cams that require you use only IE and an ActiveX control, because they do not have the capability of MJPEG (motion JPEG) or plain old JPEG output.

This model uses mpeg4 compression, along with the required ActiveX control in IE for viewing… as opposed say to the Dlink 900 model (of which I have 2, and one 900W), that allows direct access to images, and will play in any browser via Java…

Hence my personal strict requirement that any network cam I buy will have to be viewable in any browswer… not just IE with ActiveX…

So now what do I do with this camera? tech support said all I need to do is press the snapshot button from the web config menu. that is a little tough unattended.

You could somehow try to reverse-engineer what the “snapshot” button does… I tried something like that with a Veo network cam I’ve got… used a network traffic sniffer to catch the command that’s sent to the camera… didn’t get very far with it however…


Still, you might be able to see the command that the software/browser sends to the camera to capture a single image…

i did find that if I put http://IP_address/_gCVimage.jpg in a browser or WD HTTP upload I will get a snapshot of the image. Tech support confirmed that it creates a snapshot. what would the best way to use that file in the webcam setup be?

Try webcamcapture ver 6.9 again
On IP Cameras tab enter the URL of the camera (http://ip_address/_gCVimage.jpg), user name, and password.
Turn on the big main switch in the lower right corner. Click the “Save” button above the main switch.
Then press the “Start preview”
Hopefully a picture will appear.

No luck it says the IP camera is down, but the HTTP upload in WD works can i use that file?

Maybe see if this method of accessing the camera will work. This is how it was done with webcamcapture ver 6.2 and earlier, before the new direct IP access.

Try active web cam. Theres a demo version of it you can try first. http://www.pysoft.com/ActiveWebCamMainpage.htm

i am surprised that the new ip camera in the new wdwebcamcapture is not working for you

if it works in the http setup the same info should work in the webcamcapture ver 6.9 setup
/_gCVimage.jpg is a bit strang though the link bar is hidding a under score
did you try coping the info from http setup and pasting into webcamcapture incase a typo crept in

it is a command to tell the camera to take a snap shot

Thank you for this tread. It works. :smiley:


note that the wdwebcamcapture program has a built in HTTP IP camera function as well