IP Camera -Trying to get it to work!?!

Hi again guys…

I have recently invested in an IP webcam as I would like to run my weathercam pointing at my anemometer…

I have been reading posts and trying all sorts to get it going… Can’t get WD to even see it.

Is there a definative guide for getting IP camera up and running on WD?

My trusty old usb logi was a breeze…

Thx again


Please tell us the type/model of camera.

Of course - sorry… :oops:

It is a Sitecom LN-401
The software supplied is called ipview I think.

I am running Vista also.

Not sure if I can tell you much more about it - It runs streaming video via my wirelss network just fine/
I would just like to tap into it to grab gif for my daily video as I had before with my old logi usb webcam.


If it only does streaming and no .jpg captures then that’s tricky, but there are threads on here about making those work.

Sadly streaming only… :?

I can create snapshots but only manualy

I have read through several threads… i will have another go over the weekend

Thx Niko

There’s mention somewhere of a third party software that can grab an image, but I can’t find it right now :frowning:

Niko I thought I saw a post somewhere once that you posted listing Companies that provided software for Web Camera’s Maybee that’s what your thinking

(It could have been someone else but I thought you was poster)

I sure cannot find the post again. if you come across it will you post link here?



I think it was Active Webcam from PY Software, didn’t work for me but it has for others.

i think JWWD posted some info about a solution?

This one maybe…


I looked at the code for my trendnet IP camera. It turns out that you can get a still image That is the image at that time. If you look a few seconds latter it changes.


Top tip on the software. Thx
I can now save to a jpg or gif as often as i like… :slight_smile:
I have just spent 3 hours trying to create timestamped images and get all day videos to work #-o
Still can’t get the darn thing to work!

There are lots of posts about IP camera’s here but I haven’t been able to fathom out how to get this to work

I know i am close now - All help appreciated

If you type in the IP of the camera with a /image.jpg can you see the image?


I don’t know how applicable they will be to your camera, but we do have a couple of FAQ’s



Good morning guys…

I very much appreciate your replies here thank you.

Progress report

We are now grabbing an image from the IP camera (thx for your help here)- Cool!
We are timestamping it - Cool!
We are converting it to an MPEG - Cool too!
We are now even making an hourly SWF - Way Cool!


I can’t get it to upload… I can manually upload it via a third party FTP and watch it via the web no problem
I just can’t seem to get WD to upload it for me

Attached are my config screens (picture says a thousand words…)
Plus my alldayvideo folder and a sample of my FTPlog
All help is appreciated


Plus another couple of config screens

sample from ftplog.txt (8.81 KB)


Might have it sorted…

Added the two SWF to the FTP upload tab in the Control Panel

Will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings… :?