IP Camera Linking??

Hi all, im using WD and a Davis Vantage Pro 2 station and i have a live Mobotix M22 camera as a sky cam, is there any way to be able to link to the ip address of the camera and display that as a webcam in weather display?? Just want a live view as such! Is it possible??

Anyone that is interested here is my cam: http://www.mobotix.ro/ro/camere_supraveghere_live_en_2830.html now check that quality out!

Im about to link a M12 camera up and overlay the data from the Vantage Pro 2 onto the mobotix camera…pretty awesome set up

anyone know???

68 people have read this…no one knows??

Ive searched google and anywhere else i can think of…surely there is a way!

You have two options for using an IP cam with WD:

  1. As the main webcam - open the webcamcapture program, set up the capture settings, file save and then go to the “IP Camera Setup”.
    Put in the URL of the camera and tick the “I want to use with a IP (net) Camera” and click on the “Start Preview” button. Remember to include the username & password if that’s required.
    This will then store the images in what ever folder you want and you can then use them for standard uploads or for making time lapse movies.

You may want to have a look at these three threads in the FAQ section of the forum, they are quite old so some of the controls have changed but the basic idea still stands:
Basic USB Webcam setup
Network / 3rd Party Webcam Setup - Part 1 - Image Acquisition
Network / 3rd Party Webcam Setup - Part 2: Add Data to the Image and FTP upload

  1. If you already have a webcam then you can use the IP cam as a second webcam.
    Again in webcamcapture, go to the tab marked “#2 Web Cam”.
    Add the URL, username & password into the IP camera section of the page, set the file name that you want the images to be saved and the file you want the images in, click “Set”, turn on the “File create” switch and click on the “Start Preview” button.
    You also have the other settings on that page that you can play around with if you want too.

Setting up an IP cam is quite simple IF the camera has a webserver that serves a static .jpg image. If so all you need is the url of that image as the image source for WD’s webcam function. There are several Mobotix owners on here but I don’t see that any of them are publishing the image via WD, this could be because the camera doesn’t serve a static .jpg, or some other reason, I don’t know. You could contact any of them via forum PM to ask. To find Mobotix threads use Advanced Search for “mobotix” and select the “Most recent posts first” option.

Thanks guys, Budgie,ive found it but will need to playa round more as it fails to start camera prieview…