invalid data ? ** Solved **


hello without modifying setup today my two siets are “out” #-o
an idea ? thank you in advance BR

if I check under Fizella (FTP) my "/pwsWD/jsondata/wlcom.json is “empty” 8O

Both sites look normal when I visit them.
Also the data from is up-to-date Module test PWS_Dashboard => jsondata/wlcom.json


:oops: yes sorry in the meantime i received an @ from my supplier who warned me that my FTP space was at mawimun … it could be the cause of this morning’s “bug” …
i have some took the opportunity to do a little cleaning to free up space …

[OT] i also took the opportunity to upgrade the graphWU file … if it works correctly for my site “Meteolive” i have a bug for the other site (==> graph of 30 days No valid data file found, script ends) … BR

Same problem, the file was empty. After the cache went to old ( 20 minutes ago) the new data was loaded.

Please do not jump to conclusions to quickly. It is not that often that there are errors in the scripts or on websites from someone else.
check first if all is well on your own website.

You can inspect any file and any script using the debug console for your sites
just spent some time to lear what information is available.