Internet help

I finnelly got my site up but can’t seem to get the information to show correctly the data keep changing back and forth and the time will not change please help thanks

you have set to have a animated screen shot
(i.e animated gif)
is that what you are meaning?
(its not very clear what you are exactly refering to)

on my web page (you can see what its doing their)the dials are moving but they keep repeating the same number and the clock will not work I’m getting a error code ERROR: Cannot send/receive/list at this time, not connected at time/date 5:58:42 AM
2/27/2009 agenda item: doupload
Doing abort procedure/program close…

please post here the full contents of the Ftplogfull.txt file

also upgrade to the latest version of WD to get the latest Ftpupd.exe version