Intergrating older 'month files' in the website

Hi Brian and others

I had to move my weather station to another pc and after a few days of tweaking i have the WD generated website up and running. Except for one thing though.
I started from scratch on the webpage and the webfolder on my pc. I deed keep the old ‘day screenshots’ and the ‘monthly htm files’ (e.g. may 2005, april 2005, etc.). There is thsi roll down on the site that let’s you select the month. In my case only june 2005 shows, but i do have all older files in place, i copied them back to the webserver. So they are in the same folder as the june 2005 file.
Is there any way to tell WD that these older files should also be visible?

Hopefully there is a way to do this.


Hmmmm…is the thing i’m asking not possible perhaps? I would appreciate if someone could let me know if it is possible or not…



Not sure but in another post today a similar question and i believe adding the correct code to your data2htm file may do the job :dontknow:


You will need to check the “Let me manage the data2htm.txt file” box on the #1 webfiles setup page, or WD will over-write your added code.

This was the post I referred to, FWIW…