Intel 10.5 - crash on launch -

Since it looks like I may not be able to run WD on the old Power Mac G4, I’ve tried setting it up on my Mac Mini instead, with different (albeit no less satisfying) results: I now get a different crash on launch. A window appears saying “Access violation”, and when I look in the console messages, it seems the crash is in “”. I’ve set the permissions on the wdisplay directory (and everything inside it), I’ve installed the USB driver from Apple, rebooted, run setup,, wdlibraryinstall.pkg, and rebooted several times (including one complete shutdown), and now reset the weather station itself (WMR200A), all to no avail.

Any suggestions… and why do we care about printers anyway?

OK - well, I solved it! I had just one old network printer in the system printer list… and as soon as I removed that, WD launched just fine. Not sure what it was trying to do with that old printer in the system list, but anyway - all sorted now. Time to find out how well it talks to my WMR200!

there is a few hoops to jump through with the wmr100/200
first make sure to double click on the setup icon
then enter your password

then you will need to download and install the appropriate IOUSBfamily driver update from the apple web site (see the link in the readme)
then restart OSX

Yep - all those things had already been done. It turns out the crash was caused by the fact that an old network printer was still in the printer list for the machine. Shouldn’t really have been a crasher-cause, but the program runs fine now that I’ve removed that printer from the list (there are now no printers configured… I’ll post if the crash returns if/when I add new ones).

you have it getting data now from the OS wmr200?

Yup - seems to be working perfectly! At some point now I just need to find my way through the settings to have it create a weather web page on my home web server. Now visible on Weather Underground at PWS ID: IVICBRUN3

good you got the data working OK from the WMR200 :slight_smile:

for ftp to a web page, make sure to turn the main internet switch on in the connections setup and then set the ftp server details
then best to use use the customise internet and file creation setup to set times to create and times to uload the needed files along with the remote file name