Installing second install of wd problems.... (using 2wd.txt)

as noted… using the 2wd.txt for the second install and im getting a ‘trial’ version for that install. This is a pc that i transplanted the original wd install to after an upgrade… and im wondering if that is the reason. first install works fine, with an os968, second install is to be run in parallel with a vp2 until im satisfied with the siting and then it will become the primary/only install.

any suggestions from the experts?



click on register and email me the code shown there and i will get it registered for you

wow…now thats some awesome service… on new years eve no less
:slight_smile: code sent…thanks Brian… once again proving this is the best software out there… worth every last cent i paid for it, and then some!

AMEN :slight_smile:

Actually (didn’t look at my world clock) I would think it is New Years Day in New Zealand by now!