Installation of weather software version

I recently obtained weather software version and installed it on an older computer with Windows 95 operating system. The installation apparently went fine. However, when I tried to launch the software, I got the following message:

The procedure entry point Get Window Info could not be located in the dynamic link library user32.dll.

I tried on another Windows 95 computer with the same result.

Do I need another DLL file? or?


you need to instead download the windows95/NT verison
see the download page
or click here

Windy, thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the Windows95/NT file as you suggested and installed it. It seemed to fix the error that I had. However, it also caused other errors with Windows. I got the following messages:

Application error
Exception EComponentError in module weather.exe @ 00060269.
This control requires version 4.70 or greater COMCTL32.DLL
WeatherD caused invalid page fault in module …(lots of numbers)

What do you suggest?


Hi Kenny

There may be another issue here, but before that can be established you need to update the COMCTL32.DLL file to a version greater than 4.7

Here is a link to Microsoft Support where you can find the file and how to install it.;en-us;186176

Let me know if you have further problems.


you must have the oprignal win 95 verison
release II is Ok, i have that here and tested it…
robert is correct, hopefully downloading that dll file will fix it

Thanks for the help. I was able to update the COMCTL32.DLL file.
The software now launches and appears to run. Now I have to hook up the weather station to the computer.

Appreciate the responses from Windy and Bob.