Install WD on new drive

Just installed new drive and copied over my WD folder from old PC ( I did backup the registry entry before removing drive as suggested). I am now looking for weatherdisplay.ini as suggested below:
On the new computer, look in C:\wdisplay\databackup for “wdisplay.ini” (it will say “configuration files”). Move that file from the databackup to the C:\windows folder.
Note: Window XP & Windows 98 will be C:\windows - Windows 2000 will be C:\winnt.
Note that after version 10.33, the wdisplay.ini file is now stored where you have WD installed

I’m a bit stuck here. I do have it in my databackup folder, but I also have wdisplay.ini file and wdisplayinibackup.ini file in my root WD folder. All 3 are Configuration Settings. Not sure what to do here.

Once I get through this, then I will double-click wdisplayftp.reg and will then download and install the newest version of WD. Can someone help me here with the wdisplay.ini file?

Assuming you were running a version of WD post 10.33 and are installing a comparable or newer version then the wdisplay.ini file in your main WD directory should be the correct one.

You also can compare file sizes and dates created to see which is most recent…


I got anxious and just copied the wdisplay.ini file over from the backup folder as suggested (I saved the original one there just in case). Not sure what the wdisplayinibackup.ini is there for.
Anyways, WD is up and running and all seems well.

I noticed when midnight passed tonight that under View-Averages/Extremes yesterday, Mar. 6 wasn’t showing. I went into Data Logger Control Panel and saw that the station date was set to Dec. 30, 2000 although the time was okay. I corrected it, but I hope that won’t be messing things up too bad. I did the install according to the way suggested here. Strange why the station date was so far off. (Update)- after restarting WD, the Station Date is back to Dec. 30, 2000. Hmmm. How do I get it to stick? I notice now that in View-Averages/Extremes, yesterday is showing properly. (Update again)- weird, but after going back into the Datalogger control panel again,the date is correct.