Install icon

I don’t use a desktop wd shortcut icon… when I need to start wd I use the task bar launch pad. I have found that with all of the software icons on the desktop it becomes cluttered and they become cumbersome.

In some of the new software now being offered, they ask if you want an icon shortcut placed on the desktop… the default is no and only after you check the box does the install program place one on the desktop.

For those of us that use and update wd often, we don’t need a new desktop icon and for those of us that don’t want one it works too.

Thanks for the consideration,

Thanks for giving us the oppertunity to place an icon on our desktop or not during instalation, but it isn’t working… when i don’t check the box it still creates a desktop icon. when i check it it also creates a desktop icon.

The way I read your info, unchecked means no desktop or taskbar icon will be created.

Thanks once again.