Install directory problem

For a long time now, WD installer is not using the ini file value of the home dir for updates. I have checked the registry to see that it contains my installed dir (E:\Program Files\wd), but every time I install an update, the installer offers to place WD in “c:\Program Files\wdisplay”. So I have to browse to the proper place and about 30% of the time I get it wrong and have to clean up after I find the display is all flat lined.

I know, I’m getting old and clumsy, but could you help out an old geezer like me and have the installer use the home dir you have so carefully saved in the ini file?


Look at your c:\windows or c:\winnt \wdisplay.ini file and make sure you have this entry or the proper entry for your machine.

[Program location]

i am not sure where the intsaller ini file is…

the program location is stored in the wdisplay.ini file, but its for the ftp program’s use, and its dynamic…i.e it changes if you start in a new directory…

Guess I messed up in my descriptions. All my references to ini files or the registry should have been to wdisplay.ini.

A year ago, when I first gor WD, it was very good about offering to put an update into the directory that WD was currently installed in. Since about the middle of this year, that is no longer the case. It always want to use c:\wdisplay.

When I used to write code commercially, there was a feature in most installer packages to look for an entry in either the registry under the applications name, or an ini file to see if the application was currently installed. If it found an entry (or ini file) for the application, it then looked for the location and offered that to the user rather than the default.

Seems to me back around mid year, you moved all none ftp stuff out of the registry into the WDisplay.ini file, and perhaps that what broke things.

In any case, its not a big thing, and certainly wont stop me using WD or even updating every time you put out a new numbered version (i stopped trying to keep up with the various letter releases:-) ). If a lot of work to restore, simply forget I mentioned it and go back to the cows!! :slight_smile:


so if i can get the installer to remember where you last installed to , then it will be OK…
or, have a setting in wd to force to use a certain directory…

but, if you use the default location, and why not, then no problems…

Yes, I’d say that was the jist of it.

Most apps do that on an install or update these days. I seem to recall that in setting up the installer, there is a place to identify the Software Vendor (You), and the Application (Wdisplay). The installer then creates (or reads if it exists) an entry in “HKEY Current User on Local Machine | Software | Vendor Name | Application”. You can see it for “… | Borland | Delphi” as an example. Of course, its been a while, and it all may have changed by now.


hi all,

In my case I found in regestry a string
at map:
Weather Display_is1

inno setup: App.path


so, for me no more wrong dir after I changed it ever
and still wasn’t looking what ever it suggested to me