Instagram want to sell your pics..and you get nothing

If you’re an Instagram user you might like to read this… Instagram seeks right to sell access to photos to advertisers - BBC News

I’ve voted with my feet. I downloaded my pics and have deleted my account. I have other apps that do much the same thing and allow me to upload the resulting pics to better places.

Once again TANSTAAFL has been validated :roll:

thanks for info Brian.
Instagram account deleted.

They just ran an story about it on fox news. I don’t have an account luckly.


Now they say they didn’t mean it.

Thanks Chris, I deleted my account as soon as i heard about it, not taking any chances… :confused:

Too late. They need me, I don’t need them.

Interesting article on this subject.

Same here, no way im using them again just in case, I now have an FB page for my decent pics :slight_smile: