inputting rain

We had a warm spell yesterday that wiped out most of our snow and brought some rain along with it. I had a bum shoulder and wasn’t about to climb my tower to knock the ice cream bucket off of my rain bucket. This morning, I figured we got 8mm of rain and went into my Rain Chart and added it (corrected) it for the day under the Last 7 Day’s Rainfall. When I clicked on the Detailed Rain Chart, it’s not showing as entered. Did I follow the correct procedure in adding missed rain for a day?

Hi, the way I would add manual rain is control panel → offsets and initial rain → temp/baro offsets/rain totals (tab) and enter a value in the “adjust all rain totals by this amount only” box, click “set” to the left of that box and then “yes” to save.

I went that way but through yesterday’s total. Still didn’t show in detailed chart.

If you only entered the amount today it should appear after the daily reset and update of averages/extremes tonight.

Still not showing several days later.

there is a FAQ on how to edit past daily rain totals

Worked like a charm. Thank you.
For anyone looking for that FAQ- here it is:

Not sure if this method has changed or not. My Davis rain collector reed switch may be gone. We wont have many more rain events before winter comes in but I’ve missed out on these last 3 days of heavy rain. I followed the same procedure but don’t see any updating of my weather windows.