Indoor Temp & Humidity Graph mixing lines

Is there a way so I can mix the graph plot as thick and thin lines? The graph looks confusing with 5 thin lines or 5 thick lines. Is it possible to say have 3 thick lines for external temp and humidity, and 2 thin lines as indoor temperature and humidity as another option, or vice-versa?

oh i forgot to have the new indoor temp/hum as thick lines if others are

I think he was asking for the ability to pick the ones you want thick and pick the ones you want thin. A mix of thick and thin.

Yes that’s right, I am asking if a choice could be made so that I can show thin and thick lines at the same time so not to clutter up the graph by just using thick, or if only thin was used for ALL graph lines, it causes confusion even though the colurs are different.

that option is there now

Yes, I see that now Brian as i have just downloaded v.9.91d. Thanks again