Individual Dials Customizations

It would be nice to have the ability to set the background and numbers colours for all of the custom dials. Currently, you can only do this for the windirectiondial.gif, gustdial.gif, and the background for the raintanks. In particular, it would be nice to have for the raintank numbers colour, as the lime green on white is hard to read.

just uploding a new zip now where you can set the number colour for the individual rain tank (via the custom web page setup)
and you can now set the ind. rain funnel background colour independent of the one on the weather dials

which others did you want in particular?

Brian: I really like the fact that you can now set the color both for the area outside and the area inside the rain funnel. The only problem is that you’ve labelled both set up buttons the same : “Rain tank background colour”. You need to change the titles so the user can to distinquish which button is for inside color and which is for outside color!

Sorry I took so long to get back to you…First of of all , thanks for working on this. :smiley: If you could also allow for the Humidity dial, and Barometer dial background and number colour change, that would be super!..I’m also using the Temp gauge, but that’s asking alot for colour changes on that I think !?

05:22 UTC 02/13/05…OOps…I guess I only need the ability to change the numbers colours on those. WD already has the ability to change the backgrounds on the Baro and humidity dial.