Just wondered if anybody has an idea as to how i can stop wd writting over the index html file.

what i have done is edited the index html and put in a hyperlink to my live weather page which everytime wd uploads the index file it over writes it,how can i stop this ,I know it needs to be updated but i also need the hyperlink


There is no point in editing the index.html file WD overwrites it with the information gatherred from four txt files.

If you know what you are doing with html you can edit three of them to great effect!

The files in question are datahtm0.txt, datahtm2.txt and datahtm3.htm. You can edit these and your main index.html will reflect your inventive designs perfectly :smiley:

Make sure that you tick the checkboxes in Setup - Webfiles Setup to tell WD that you are managing the 0 and 2 files.

ok here is what i want to put in the datahtml


which datamtml file do i put them in? one or all of them?

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