Incorrect Temperature

On upload to Weather Underground the temperature displayed is fine for a few hours then it begins to start showing a temp that is around 2 degrees lower than what is showing in the Weather-Display software while all other readings are correct. A restart corrects the temp problem for a while then it just begins again. Normal? Other than this minor problem everything else seems to work fine. LaCrosse ws-2310

Sorry for not knowing the answer to your question, but is Weather Display gathering rain data from your WS2310 ? I own a WS2300, which is the european version of the 2310 and am heaving problems with it…

BTW how do you connect the extra sensors ??? and where to buy them ???

Greetings from the Netherlands… a rainy Rotterdam.

Display in the software has been fine for the rain guage although being up here in Maine USA the temp is below freezing and the precip has been snow, lately. Try downloading latest software. As far as extra sensors the 23’s were not made so any could be added.

Good Luck

the wunderground temperature is the average for the last minute…

2300 european

there seems to be a significant data protocol difference with one of the models, made by ELV, but i dont know what that difference is

Thanks Much, Brian