Incorrect rainfall total for March 14 2017

Hi, I’m using Murry’s (Wildwood Weather) stats script and am having a problem with the rain totals for 1 day. On March 14, it says my station recorded 2,743.2 mm of rain, when in actuality, we only received 25.5 mm. Can someone tell me how to correct this?

Screen image attached.

Thank you!

14 Mar 2017.JPG

you need to correct the data in WD
that is where it is coming from
there is a FAQ on how to edit the daily rain totals, as well as a youtube video

I did that already, but was curious when it will change the data displayed.

Corrected Rain Data.JPG

when the data file that the script uses updates (e.g once a day), I would suggest

Thanks. I’ll watch it tomorrow and see if it updates. If not, I’ll report back here.

In WD, go to View>Averages/Extremes/NOAA Style Reports. Select the second tab from the left - NOAA Style Reports.
Enter 3 and 2017 as the date to calculate, then click the Update whole month now button.
If the data is correct, click the Update dailynoaareport.htm button. WD will then create and upload an updated dailynoaareport32017.htm file.
But it will also upload an updated dailynoaareport.htm which is a duplicate of the dailynoaareport32017.htm file so the April data displayed by the scripts will be incorrect.
So either wait until after midnight tomorrow when the April data will be updated. Or enter 4 and 2017 as the date to calculate and follow the same steps as for March.

That did it, thank you Murry! I suppose it would also have worked if I’d followed Brian’s advice and waited overnight, but I’m the kind of guy who likes results NOW! LOL!

Cheers and thank you to you both!


This has happened to me again. For April 30th, my station reports that 1370.9 mm of rain has fallen, when we received only 0.9 mm.

I have tried to change it using the methods above, but it refuses to change. Any ideas? Yesterday I upgraded to 10.37SB47.