Incorporating climatedataout.html into Carterlake/Saratoga Template

What’s the best way to include climatedataout.html into my template? Data won’t be updated daily if I simply cut the html and paste into the template.

I’ve tried copying the climatedataout.html and renaming it wxlocal6.html.
Then in Control Panel/Web files-Web pg/Custom Web page Setup, I entered wxlocal6.html under Local filename3 and entered wxclimate.php for Remote name3.
wxclimate.php has the copied code w/ tags from wxlocal6.html and is on the remote side. All I get in the wxclimate.php is my base site pg with the tags w/out data.

Has anyone created a custom file w/ tags and included them in a Carterlake/Saratoga template?


something like this??


lol… i can send you the script and testtags needs for it, and the template so it looks the way i have it. I can send it after work, but im sure someone else will beat me too it…lol

Adding something like this is on my list as well. I could do without the snow column though…

Checking it out I see that it is getting properly uploaded (at least the current month). Hopefully when I get this going I’ll have the history as well.

Here is the original thread for the climatedataout template. Some other people also made a few changes in the download and attached a file to download. so Not really sure which one in that thread is the most current. But worth a look.

I didn’t find that one. Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Thank you. That set me up. Easy setup too.

Great script.

Looks good.