In Florida, Texas or Mississippi you may see the shuttle and ISS this weekend

If you live in south Florida, central Texas or near the Mississippi River Delta, you're in for a treat. This weekend the space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station (ISS) are going to orbit over your part of the country. Shining like very bright stars, the two ships will glide in tandem across the sky--a lovely sight.

Lucky them! :smiley:

Enjoy it, Bob! :wink: Actually, it looks like it may go by my area about 5 minutes after it goes by Florida…Maybe? :?


Bahhhhhhhhhhh… From the tracks it appears that it won’t be visible from Northeast Florida dang it…

Well what is important will be Monday and I will be watching the coverage intently and praying for a safe return…


Bob, I’m pretty sure that the large circle shows the area that will be able to view the shuttle, I think.

You got it, Bob…That’s always the most important thing: safe landing.


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Better info here for JAX

Yep it appears there are some possibilities but the longest window is 4 minutes if I read this correct… But may give it a shot one morning :slight_smile:


i recorded a sound clip this morning from the space station have a listen its on my web page.

Unlike Columbia's tragic cross-country descent on Feb. 1, 2003, which ended with more than 85,000 pounds of wreckage raining onto Texas and Louisiana, Discovery will bypass most of the United States on landing day. The spacecraft will approach Florida from the southwest, flying over Nicaragua, Cuba, the western fringes of the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, and on into Cape Canaveral.