Improve the readout response from Davis T/H sensor

my Davis Vantage Pro2 is 7 years old and apart from minor glitches it works good. Last year I moved the T/H sensor from the original (round) shield to a new (rectangular) one and also cleaned it well.
I was thinking about the metallic mesh that is used for sensor protection - is it required? Does the sensor’s response change if I remove it? The temperature response (e.g. temperature decay) is a bit different compared to 1-wire sensors I have in the Stevenson screen for comparison. This is noticeable in the afternoons when the station falls in shade but the temperature reading looks as if there is some inertia. Also, humidity reading never reached 100% in its lifetime but 97 % in best case.
I realize the original equipment is tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer but I was just wondering if it makes a difference to remove the mesh.

I doubt that a thin mesh would have enough heat capacity to influence the temperature significantly, especially if you have sufficient air flow past the sensor to be measuring the ambient temperature of the surroundings effectively.

I don’t think many people see 100% humidity from their stations. If I recall correctly WD has a setting to force humidity to 100% when it hits 98% or some similar value. I’m pretty sure there have been discussions about this in the forum in the past.

I agree with you that the thin mesh should have negligible effect. I read this suggestion somewhere in the web.
Since my Davis is not aspirated, the air is not really moving a lot except if there’s wind.
About humidity measurement: I know it is hard to reach 100% with our hobby sensors but I was just wondering… the readings are still within specification.