Image for “Stopped raining”

Hi All,

I have noticed there is no icon for the

Here’s one for “unsettled” :lol:

i will use that captdilli,looks good…
nikoshepared;;;its OK, buit does not fit in with the others…
how ever you can use it, in wd, just by seelcting it to replace an icon under input daily weather

Just a little whimsy, not a serious suggestion…

i have added capt.
icon to a new 9.91d

Thank you very much for a quick addition for a small whim. :smiley:

_Why the icon on summary image are not animated?
I have sett on gif image for summary not jpg


well, if it was an image of the animated icon, then yes it would be animated, but its not: its a image of a window with the icon on it, and so you it just takes a snapshot of the icon at that time
but for the animated web cam, i load in and display the image in sequwence
its possible to do the same with the animated icon…but i dont have the individual frames (a person called Woody, from Oregan,USA, animated alot of the icons for me )

ah, ok
i say this , because into option to insert your actual weather there are some animated icons